A professional, friend or family member can make a referral for someone who needs our help. This is called a Third Party Referral and can be completed below.

Please make sure that the person who needs our help meets the following criteria

  • Lives in Peterborough
  • Is aged 18 years old or above
  • Has a Learning Disability and/or Autism
E.g. Social Worker, Health Visitor, GP, Nurse, Friend
We can only take referrals from third parties if you have permission from the person you are referring.
We can only help people who are aged 18 years old or above
We can only help people who have a Learning Disability and/or Autism.
This must be a Peterborough address, we can only help people who live in Peterborough.
Please leave blank if they do not have one.
Helpful information could be: Do they have a statement, EHCP or care package? Do they have evidence of a diagnosis? Any benefits they may be getting? Any thing else: